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4 Amazing Health Benefits of Aloe Vera


 Aloe vera has been used for thousands of years for its medicinal value. This is because it contains beneficial compounds such as amino acids, minerals and vitamins. Necessary to maintain good health.

The aloe vera plant is widely available because it grows easily in different parts of the world. So people use it widely in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries.

The best part about using the plant is that you don't have to be an expert nor do you need complicated tools. You can easily extract the strong parts of the plant from its leaves. This makes it easy for anyone to use. Aloe vera boosts your overall health because it benefits different parts of your body such as the skin, digestive system, scalp and hair.

1. Skin care

The plant treats many skin diseases and smoothes their appearance. It contains collagen that helps delay the aging process by improving the elasticity of your skin.

You can use the plant to make sunblock as it restores bad skin. It also protects your skin from harmful radiation. Moreover, it soothes rashes and itching. Aloe vera boosts blood circulation and reduces mental stress.

2. Hair care

The minerals and vitamins contained in the plant not only rejuvenate the skin, but also treat an itchy scalp. This also reduces dandruff and dead tissue. Improves hair condition by regenerating the skin around the hair glands. Therefore, it results in rapid hair growth. The anti-inflammatory property prevents hair breakage and improves baldness. Hence, it results in strong, healthy and shiny hair.

3. The laxative purpose

Latex, a yellow substance found in plants, contains a compound called aloin. Aloin has laxative effects that treat constipation. More than that, it can reduce yeast production and increase bacteria needed for the digestive process. Hence, it allows easy bowel movement. Additionally, aloin also reduces gas and improves stomach ulcers.

4. Improving the immune system

The healing properties of the plant stimulate cell regeneration by giving the essential enzymes to the cells of the body. Provides zinc necessary to boost the body's immune function. It also has anti-inflammatory and anti-septic properties. Plus, it fights harmful bacteria and helps the body fight infections.

Final thought

The advantages of the aloe vera plant are undeniable. It is a useful part of the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food industries. Therefore, make full use of its products that are in the form of gels, juices, powders and oils.

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Chicken traybake with chorizo, tomato and red peppers

This lovely roast chicken traybake is so generous that you’d be hard-pressed to notice it’s low-cal. The chorizo flavours the dish beautifully – a properly filling week-night dinner.

Each serving provides 505 kcal, 47g protein, 27g carbohydrates (of which 15g sugars), 21g fat (of which 5.5g saturates), 11g fibre and 1g salt.


  • 2 onions, quartered
  • 2 red peppers, seeds removed, quartered
  • 1 yellow pepper, seeds removed, quartered
  • 8 large tomatoes, preferably on the vine
  • 80g/3oz chorizo, sliced
  • 400g tin cannellini beans, drained and rinsed
  • 4 garlic cloves, bashed
  • 2 sprigs fresh rosemary
  • 8 chicken thighs, skin-on, bone-in
  • 2 tbsp olive oil
  • 1 tsp sea salt flakes
  • freshly ground black pepper


  1. Preheat the oven to 200C/180C Fan/Gas 6.
  2. Put the onions, peppers, tomatoes, chorizo, beans, garlic and rosemary in a very large roasting tin (you may choose to use two tins). Top with the chicken, then drizzle with the oil.
  3. Scatter with the salt and a big pinch of pepper. Roast for 1 hour, or until the chicken is cooked through and the skin is golden brown. To check if the chicken is cooked, pierce the thickest part with a skewer; the juices should run clear. If there is any sign of pink, return the bake to the oven until the chicken is cooked.
  4. Leave the chicken to rest for 10 minutes, then serve with the vegetables.

Recipe Tips

For maximum flavour, use skin-on, bone-in chicken thighs. You can take off the skin after cooking to save calories if you wish.
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8 Home Remedies for Swollen Feet During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the happiest phases in a woman's life. Unfortunately, it comes with some side effects and problems. Swollen feet are one of the common discomforts faced by women during their pregnancy. Also referred to as edema, it is a condition where excess fluid accumulates in the tissues of the body. This can be painful too.

Here are 8 home remedies for swollen feet during pregnancy:

1. Take Diet High Potassium

This remedy helps you to minimize swelling. Potassium is very effective in maintaining the electrolyte level in the body. It also prevents water from accumulating. Bananas are high in potassium. Having a banana a day will help you.

2. Dandelion Tea This is a miracle tea for pregnant ladies suffering from swollen feet during pregnancy. Dandelion tea balances electrolytes within the body and enhances circulation too. Simply boil a few dandelions with water and consume the concoction thrice daily.

3. Keep Your Feet Elevated Doctors usually recommend their patients to keep feet in an elevated position through the day to get rid of swelling and pain. This is very helpful in maintaining a proper blood circulation within the body. It prevents any pooling of fluids within the foot.

4. Try Apple Cider Vinegar If you like the taste of vinegar, then ACV will serve the purpose. You need to add a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar into a cup of water. Drink this mixture twice daily. Being loaded with potassium ACV is very helpful in balancing electrolytes in the body.

5. Arnica Oil Massage Get a relaxing foot massage. Use arnica oil as it helps to relieve sore, aching joints and muscles. You may ask your spouse, friend or a masseuse to massage your feet with this oil.

6. Cucumber Packs This is easy and very relaxing. Place cool slices of cucumber on your feet. You need to cover your entire feet with the slice. Cucumber slices will pull out excess toxins and water. You may also chew on a few slices daily to keep your body hydrated.

7. Increase Water Intake In most cases, swollen feet result from the accumulation of fluids in the body. Many women think that drinking more water can lead to water retention. However, the truth is just the opposite. Keeping your body well hydrated will help the body flush out excess toxins and fluid within.

8. Saline Water Soak This is very relaxing. Simply dip your feet in the salty lukewarm water. The home remedy is widely recommended by the older experienced women and midwives. Boil some water and mix in a handful of salt. Once lukewarm, place the feet in a tub and allow your feet to be immersed in it unless water turns cold. The remedy helps by pulling out excess fluids residing in the tissues.

EndNote - Swollen feet during pregnancy is a common issue. Women may find this very annoying due to the discomfort and pain that tags along with it. Following some tried and tested home remedies as stated above can help. For severe issues followed fever and other complications, it is important to call the doctor.
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How to Lose Weight During Perimenopause

It's no secret most women struggle with putting on extra, unwanted pounds as they approach "the change". This issue leads women desperate to figure out how to lose weight during perimenopause.

Weight gain is probably one of the more annoying problems premenopausal women face. Besides not being able to fit into your old clothes, you have all that extra padding where you didn't have it before. With all that you're going through, the last thing you need is to have to go out and buy an entirely new wardrobe...

But never fear, today I have a super simple diet trick guaranteed to help you shed pounds.

Not only that, but do this one thing, and you'll not only lose weight, but you will also help get those fluctuating hormones back on track.

Its' a win-win!

How to Lose Weight During Perimenopause

I should provide a disclaimer, though. If you have thyroid issues, then your condition is a bit more severe and this one trick may not be enough...

Don't worry- I'm not going to tell you to join some expensive and difficult to follow diet program like Jenny Craig. And I certainly don't want you to go out and buy a bunch of processed and tasteless low-fat foods.

Do this one thing and you'll still be able to enjoy a whole range of yummy and rich tasting foods. You won't feel deprived and you'll still be able to shed a chunk of that extra weight.

So you want to hear what my trick is?

Don't eat sugar.

That's it. Don't do it.

Remove sugar from your diet and you will see that weight just slide off. More than that, eliminating sugar will go a long way in balancing out those unstable hormones.

How so?

Because sugar is one of the major contributors to hormone imbalance- specifically hormone imbalance due to estrogen dominance.

Estrogen dominance refers to the condition where you have an abundance of estrogen and not enough progesterone. It is one of the leading causes of severe premenopausal symptoms and can make life a living hell for some women. A number of factors contribute to estrogen dominance including stress and toxin exposure. But one of the worst culprits is our modern Western diet. And one of the worst foods that aggravate estrogen dominance? You guessed it: sugar.

Eating sugar causes your cortisol levels to rise, which in turn causes your estrogen to go up. Once your estrogen levels go up, your progesterone levels go down.

So not only does sugar help you pack on the pounds, it also messes with your hormones big time.

If you want to know how to lose weight during perimenopause just give up sugar. It really couldn't be simpler than that.

I realize giving up sugar isn't all that easy. It is highly addictive after all.

And it's hidden in a TON of our food.

But if you can, eliminate or at least reduce sugar from your diet and you will see a remarkable change in your health.

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The 8 most common postpartum problems and ways to deal with them

Birth is a beautiful experience. However, the birth of a child leads to many physical and emotional changes. Here are some of the most common postpartum body problems and ways to deal with them:

1. The pain of the perineum

Pain in the perineum (the area between the vagina and the rectum) is also common. You should consult your doctor to avoid serious complications. Using a soft seat cushion will help ease any discomfort.

2. Breast congestion

Breast milk increases anywhere between the second and fifth day after birth. This will make you feel sensations in your breasts. In many cases, breast milk will be filled. It may become very hard like rock and painful. This stage is referred to as engorgement. You can avoid this by feeding your baby in shorter periods of time. You can even express the milk with a pump until the demand increases. The use of hot towels or ice packs can also help to calm down tight shocks.

3. Inflammation of nipples
Breastfeeding and continuous milk supply will lead to soreness in the nipples. This is very common and usually is resolved within a few days after delivery. Doctors may suggest applying a nipple cream to soothe the area.

4. Infection of the uterus

Sometimes, the placenta remains in the womb. Some symptoms include increased heart rate, light fever, swollen uterus, and even severe abdominal pain and uterine secretions. Doctors treat this with antibiotics.

5. Postpartum depression
Mothers tend to feel overwhelmed by responsibilities and to deal with something that is somewhat sensitive. Anxiety, sadness and feelings of anger are signs of postpartum depression. The most common with mothers for the first time, it is possible to get rid of it with the support of your partner, helping family and family members. It will also help you join a support group or counseling sessions.

6. Hair loss
Low hormonal balance leads to hair loss. Do not worry this will diminish over time. All you need to do is follow a protein-rich diet to keep your hair healthy.

7. Vaginal secretions
After birth, many women suffer from vaginal discharge (lochia) for a few weeks. This contains blood and uterine tissue. Must keep from hard physical efforts. Give adequate rest to your body. Let her heal.

8. Vaginal bleeding

Bleeding will slow down at the end of two weeks. After this period, the bleeding becomes lighter and may last for up to 6 weeks. Be sure to change pads every four hours or earlier to avoid infection. Any recurrent bleeding or severe coagulation (with or without bad odor) should be immediately reported.
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Healthy and Quick Weight Loss Tips

There are multiple individuals out there who are trying to find quick and fast weight loss.

They want to lose belly fat fast, or whatever the goal may be, and be able to shed the health and self-confidence concerns.

It is essential to recognize the advantages and the threats of this kind of rapid results.

While there are several health benefits, there can be health risks to those who attempt to lose too much weight too quickly.


Extreme successful results can quickly enhance the self-confidence of those who actually need to see results fast and have the proper weight.

They have the tendency to shed their insecurities and are happy to display their brand-new body and the work that they have achieved.

Because ready and willing individuals will feel much better about themselves, this pride can assist to form greater self-esteem.

Much Healthier Diet

One of the major advantages is an after-effect of the process.

Those who have actually lost in a brief quantity of time may have to go on a strict and healthy plan in order to remain consistent.

To keep the healthy plan moving along successfully they have to remain on this diet.

This healthy plan assists to make people healthier, and will help individuals to feel much better throughout the day.

Healthier Body

It is never healthy to be lugging around all day long additional baggage.

This can trigger major bone and joint problems, triggering people pain for the rest of their lives.

The unhealthy lifestyle will also take a toll on the body. Individuals who are obese are most likely to have heart disease, and are more likely to have diabetes.

You improve your body's over-all health if you are on a health conscious plan when you experience rapid results.

Extreme positive results lowers the possibilities of heart problems and diabetes.

Dangers of Losing Too Much too Quickly

Previously I discussed free available information on safe and effective fast success options for attaining the appropriate weight that's right for you.

People who attempt to get fast results far too quickly can actually damage themselves.

Individuals who do so may likely cause too much stress on their body.

Those who attempt to do so rapidly through bad methods might not truly see results at all.

While the plan might attend to temporary success, it will not help you to fulfill your long-term goals.

There are numerous favorable benefits to rapid successful results. Those who trim down a great deal will typically see a rise in their self-esteem and confidence levels.

They will see favorable changes in their way of life, and will see positive modifications in their body.

These benefits can all be reached in a safe and healthy method.

As long those who do so in a healthy manner and healthy timeline, there will most likely not be any health problems related to their plan.

It is possible to realize big results and do so in a completely favorable way.

Those who try to see success on the scales too quickly through unhealthy means are not doing themselves a great favor in the long run.

Remember, while the body will enjoy success through severe dieting, the weight is often added back as soon as the plan is over.

As long those who do so in an efficient and health conscious manner and timeline, there will not likely be severe repercussions to the rapid yet true and healthy results.

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Change Your Diet To Change Your Life

Balancing your diet and your busy professional life can be a difficult task. Considering how you're spending most of your time at work, you have little time for your nutrition and diet. But good health is necessary to live; how can you then make time to pay attention on your diet?

Actually you don't need to, not much anyway as there are a few ways that you can modify your diet. These are very small and it takes almost no time to make these changes. Here are three small but very useful dietary modifications you can make:

Avoid Cooked Breakfasts

First thing in the morning the body is still in cleanse mode. As such it is important to avoid heavy, cooked breakfasts first thing as this is going against what your body naturally wants to do. Eat light breakfasts such as fruit first thing in the morning, which lines your stomach and may result in you eating less.

Alternatively, try eating something like porridge with flaxseeds or pumpkin seeds. Both of these seeds are a good source of omega-3 (another source of which is fish) which is good for the joints and can help prevent depression, and brain conditions such as Alzheimer's and Dementia. So avoid cooked breakfasts in the mornings and opt for something that's easier on your digestive system.

Reduce your portion sizes

You tend to lose track of what you eat and how much you eat when your mind is preoccupied. You're worried about deadlines, presentations and meetings at work, so you don't pay attention to how much you're eating. You can, however, easily rectify this by simply reducing your portions sizes. Reducing your food intake means you don't overeat, and you'll be consuming only what your body really needs.

Overeating is one of the most common causes of obesity, acidity, high cholesterol and diabetes. By eating smaller portions you reduce the risk exponentially of ending up with one or more these conditions. In addition to reducing your portion sizes, try to eat more slowly so you can more easily recognize when you're full, as well savouring the flavour of your food.

Drink more water

While caffeine may be beneficial in the short term by keeping you awake and alert, the extra sugar dosage you get from it is not. Avoid coffee if you can as it is an artificial stimulant. If you absolutely need it, try to skip the sugar or reduce the amount. In addition, increase the amount of water you consume throughout the day by keeping a water bottle with you and taking periodic sips from it. The water will keep you hydrated and refreshed throughout the day and reduce the need for coffee and other stimulants.

These small but simple dietary modifications will allow you to live a much healthier and more nutritious lifestyle. Contrary to popular belief, the key to a healthy lifestyle does not require big changes. Small modifications, much like the ones discussed in this article, can make a huge difference to the quality of your health and life. The challenge is to stick with them, not give in to temptation and be consistent.
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