Healthy diet for a healthy life

According to some reports published in the newspapers, there may be nutrients that may be missing in our diet system to lose weight in an attempt to maintain fitness. Most dieting systems lack many important nutrients that should be in the diet, Not to notice the immediate effects of the lack of these elements and the most important are: vitamin D, iron, and vitamin B, may ultimately affect the health of the bones, the brain and reduce energy levels.

To lose weight in a healthy way, the body needs some nutrients to help reduce cravings for more food, regulate metabolism, and help maintain the digestive system.

A diet for weight loss may be full of healthy fruit, but it still lacks the vitamins and minerals necessary to reach the goal of losing weight.

 Here is a list of foods that help lose weight and also get essential vitamins.

First: Take care of vitamins, fatty acids

Olive oil, nuts, salmon, mackerel and avocado should be incorporated into your diet.

Second: Take care to eat foods containing vitamin C.

Vitamin C helps the body absorb iron, acts as an antioxidant, helps in the proper functioning of cells, but how does vitamin C help in weight loss?

Vitamin C helps the body to metabolize fat, and this vitamin deficiency may make it harder to lose weight, reach the body mass index (BMI), add more foods rich in vitamin C in your diet, such as oranges, Strawberries and wild berries.

Third: Vitamin B6

 Vitamin B6 is an excellent vitamin that helps turn food into energy, makes you feel comfortable and helps produce serotonin, a good neurotransmitter that regulates your mood. If serotonin levels are low, they lead to unhealthy foods and depression. Serotonin levels are stable, and vitamin B6 is available in legumes such as lentils, oats, and nuts.

Fourth: dairy products

According to the results of the new research, the consumption of the recommended amount of calcium per day helps to lose weight or maintain weight loss plan, researchers believe that calcium helps cells to maximize their potential, which means that the metabolism succeeded in achieving its goals, and the body can digest food and absorb Nutrients are better, muscles can work hard during exercise. Include milk, yoghurt, and cheese.

Fifth: Foods containing magnesium

Magnesium minerals are missing in the diet plan. It helps to lose weight in two ways, one that prevents bloating, keeps digestion, the other enables you to build muscle, and helps muscles burn fat even when no effort is made, including rich foods Magnesium in leafy vegetables, whole grains, nuts, beans, fish, and dairy products.

Sixth: shrimp and fish rich in zinc

According to research on healthy nutrition, zinc-rich foods are high in dietary protein, helping to increase satiety, and energy expenditure that is useful when trying to lose weight. Another study reported that obese people who consume zinc may improve their BMI, In triglycerides and weight loss, and include foods rich in zinc such as seafood, legumes, and nuts.

Anybody who follows a diet system or tries to lose weight or trying to build the muscles of his body must eat healthy food contains all the correct nutrients to get the result required to you.
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